Hôm nay: Thứ 3, Ngày 16/04/2024

Major business

Construction of civil works, industrial work, traffic works, irrigational works, hydroelectric works, electricity, water, jetty, port, telecommunication works, and technical infrastructure works of urban zones, industrial zones and groups:

- Investment, building, development, and business in houses, construction works, urban zone, industrial zone and group technical infrastructure works, jetties for selling and renting; Investment in build- operate- transfer (BOT), build - transfer - operate (BTO), build-transfer- (BT), build - operate (BO), project of roads, bridges and locks; Investment and trading in hotels, tourist services, entertainment areas.

- Trading, transporting gasoline, oil, viscid oil, water, electricity; Trading in machinery, equipment, material, raw material, and construction material;

- Exploiting, processing minerals; Producing and trading raw material and construction materials; Producing metal products for construction and architecture; Processing machinery and various steel structures.

- Supplying food and drink services based on contracts and industrial rations; Dealing in and transporting petrol, oil, motor oil, water, electricity;

- Trading in equipments, machines, materials, raw materials used for industry and construction; Exploiting and processing minerals; Producing and trading in raw materials and materials for construction; Processing mechanical products and kinds of steel structure; Trading in labor safety equipments; Trading in construction materials; Agencies for trade and goods consignment; Commercial agencies. Designing Industrial and Civil architectural projects; Designing construction projects; Designing structures for Industrial and Civil architectural projects; Designing urban and industrial zone infrastructures.

- Real estate brokers service, real estate trading floor, real estate consultant, real estate advertising, real estate management.

2. Brief introduction of competence and operation of the company
1. Executive experience: Since 1979
2. Investment experience: Since 1993